Video is a very effective form of marketing. It is a powerful way to connect with your audience on an emotional level and increase engagement with your content. It can also give people a reason to talk about you— video is shared more than any other source of content. And, once in a while, a video goes viral. What’s more, research shows that over half of buyers feel more confident about buying a product or service after watching a video. What makes a good video? Obviously it needs to be engaging. The best videos te; a story - these can be stories about your customers, stories about your company (or employees), or a documentarystyle video. Animated videos and “talking head” videos are a great way to explain your product succinctly. Many people worry that producing a video is both time consuming and expensive. That, however, is not always true—beautiful video can be produced in as little as two weeks
and for a few thousand dollars. And, best of all, the process of producing a video can bring you closer to customers or boost employee morale.