Building a company is an exciting venture, but creating demand for what you are selling can be challenging. Content marketing can help, and should be a key component of your business strategy. Consider this: 57% of B2B purchase decisions and 72% of B2C ones are made before a buyer contacts a vendor, according to McKinsey & Company. If you fail to embrace the content marketing paradigm you are creating a gap that your competitors will be happy to fill. What is content marketing? Content marketing alters the way you sell—it shifts the focus from hyping your products to adding value to prospects’ decision making. Content marketing is about creating relevant, informative and unbiased content that attracts buyers and converts them
to loyal customers. The objective of content marketing is a “lightbulb moment” when a buyer understands how you can help them, and reaches out to you for more
information about your product or service. They may do this through your website, your social media footprint or your sales team.