Why should you care about social media marketing? When used correctly, social media can be an great tool for boosting revenues—it sends traffic to your website and converts visitors into leads and customers. The benefit of using social media to market your business is that no matter how narrow your niche, there is an audience for you on social media. With hundreds of millions of users (Facebook, in fact, has over a million), there’s a gigantic pool of unique users that can be tapped into. Whether you sell organic pet treats or B2B software, topics about pet care or cloud computing are being discussed - (although perhaps not in the same conversation). Here lies the opportunity to share your valuable information that will help educate and inform these conversations. Perhaps you’ll find out that Facebook, Google+ and X, are not you - maybe your audience is hanging out on Reddit, Tumblr or StumbleUpon. The power of social isn’t just in the vast number of users on the big platforms, but in the breadth and depth of conversations going on across multiple niche platforms. No matter how specialized your product is, you will find an audience on social media.