A comprehensive and carefully-crafted marketing messaging architecture should underpin all your evangelism. This architecture informs how you talk about who you are and why you exist; it communicates key points you consistently make when you reach out to your
target audiences. It always ties back to your brand. The positioning you create should align with the interests of your audience. Adjust your content
to appeal to the different business roles of the people in the companies you want to attract—large companies may have a dozen or more people involved in example, of talking “speeds and feeds” to someone in finance, or profit and loss to someone in engineering. Develop customer personas and identify their business issues, and create relevant content that informs them. Investing time in building an effective architecture will yield many benefits and a key way to tell that you’ve been successful in developing one is that everyone within you company, from the CEO to the receptionist, describes what you do in the same way – this way everyone in your company helps you sell. Make your messages believable. And provide evidence, such as numbers, to increase credibility.