Your success maps directly to the proficiency of your company’s sales team. How does sales enablement help? The goal of sales enablement is to ensure that every seller has the knowledge, tools and information to optimize each interaction with buyers.
• Invest in training—many companies fail to invest the time, energy and expertise needed to acclimate new hires adequately, resulting in missed quotas and high turnover. Don’t fall into this trap. A formal on boarding plan minimizes the time before a new hire begins contributing to the bottom line and enhances the long-term productivity of sales reps. • Target your content—your sales reps are going to need a variety of collateral, especially if many people are involved in a buying decision. Avoid the mistake, for example, of talking “speeds and feeds” to someone in finance, or profit and loss to someone in engineering. Identify your key buying personas, understand their business issues and create content relevant to each one. • Measure your effectiveness—analysis helps you understand what’s working, and what’s not, and act accordingly. Ask a series of questions, regularly, that reveal the efficacy of your marketing and sales activities. Identify strengths and weakness and make adjustments.